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07/04/08 10:07 AM #9    

Thomas Dougherty

Dana, truth be told, I voted for you for class President even though you were not running. George Patrick always stressed the write-in portion of the ballot. I knew then that you would eventually become the class leader.

Sorry Leonard, I love you like a brother but I couldn't hold that secret for another 20yrs.

Dana, thanks again for all your hard work and your dedication to the class of 1988.

07/08/08 08:51 AM #10    

Joe Castrogiovanni

Dana, great job with the web site. Looking forward to getting together with everyone at the reunion.

08/18/08 06:34 PM #11    

Michelle Sibio (Verrastro)

Dana, Leonard,
Thank you for all of your hard work getting our 20th reunion together. It is a huge task and that is why so many classes do not have them! If you guys need help w/ anything for the reunion don't hesitate to call me!! I can't wait to see everyone in October!

08/21/08 03:24 PM #12    

Jill Furello (McDonough)


Great job on the site. If you need any help let me know.
I'd be glad to lend a hand!

Looking forward to seeing everyone real soon.


08/22/08 11:09 AM #13    

Robert Boettger

There is a scheduling conflict that currently precludes my attendence of the reunion. I know this will disappoint many of you, but I am sure makes just as many of you smile. Enjoy the festivities!


10/05/08 08:29 AM #14    

Mary Errico (Casebolt)

I am excited to be the first to say what a great time I had seeing and spending time with everyone. There was such a warm energy throughout all of the festivities and I am truly touched by all of the kind words, shared stories and genuine interest that everyone expressed. I will be posting some photos soon and I hope you all do the same so we can share our good times with one another. Thanks to all of you who organized this weekend. I have taken away some very fond memories of everyone from this experience. I am happy to share my e-mail address ( so that anyone who wishes will continue to stay in touch. Continued happiness to everyone.

10/05/08 10:45 AM #15    

Mark Calomino

Everyone looked great! Great job by Burke and Dana organizing the event. Hope the site will remain up so we can all stay in touch.

10/05/08 01:51 PM #16    

Shannon Fabricatore (Spinoza)

This was by far the best reunion. Thanks to all of you for making my whole weekend so memorable. A special thanks to Lenny and Dana for making this all happen. Rich Banick, thanks for the high school photos you brought in for us to look at. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the people.....perfect. Mike Kowalski, that was the best Electric Slide ever.

10/06/08 10:05 AM #17    

Deborah Carter (DiBileo)

Dana and Leonard - Had a great time. So glad I didn't miss the reunion. Great to see everyone. Our class looks great 20 years later. You did a great job! Thanks for all the hard work.

10/06/08 11:04 AM #18    

Joseph Bolick

Leonard and Dana, what a great job setting everything up! Everything was fantastic and the food was terrific. It was nice to see everybody again and I thought everyone looked GREAT. I really enjoyed the time we all spent together and look forward to seeing everyone again!!!

To Garz....the best wine maker in the land!!!!!

Take Care Everyone.

You all know where I live, if you are in the area, give me a call!!!!

10/06/08 05:38 PM #19    

Kathleen Maguire (Stoudt)

Sounds like everyone had a great time...I wish I could have been there! Can't wait for our next one! 5 years? Best Wishes!

10/06/08 05:53 PM #20    

Robert Santarsiero

Hey y'all! I have to admit, after being gone for 20 years it was really awesome to see you guys again. Sorry we couldn't stay long, but y'all know how work just gets in the way sometimes. I'll be in upstate NY for the time being, so if anyone happens to be in the neighborhood, our door is always open.

Paulie, sorry I didn't get to talk more before we left. Heck, would have loved to have spent more time catching up with everyone. Anyway, my email is and that's the easiest way to catch up with me. Give a shout sometime!

10/06/08 11:55 PM #21    

Dana Iannielli (Zimmer)

For pictures of the reunion (mostly the night before), check out the 20th Reunion Pics tab! Enjoy!

10/07/08 07:24 PM #22    

Denise O'Keefe (Cocco)

I nominate myself for Dana's "Drunk as a Skunk" award, but that's only judging by the fact my hangover lasted til Monday afternoon. From what I do remember, everyone had a ball and it is true everyone really is looking good these days. Mary, I like your wording about the warm energy throughout. I very much agree. It was very comfortable and very fun to be around everyone. I highly doubt many other classes can say the same..... Thanks so much to the planners and Rich for the great name tags. Save 'em for the next time!

ps. I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, cosmo's are off the list.

Let's really keep this site going on and on. Keep the pics coming, they're fun!

10/08/08 09:37 AM #23    

Michelle Sibio (Verrastro)

Denise- I think I gave you a run for your money w/ Dana's drunker than a skunk award. It is obvious in the pictures I've seen of my glossy eyed look! I do have to say I regret singing w/ the D.J.!! I am one of those people who has a few Martini's and thinks they can sing! I knew before this and I now know for certain that "Martini's are not my friend!" It was the best reunion by far! Everyone was so happy to see each other. We are an extremely fun class. Can't wait until the next one!! Thanks for the memories!

Mike K-That was the best Electric Slide ever!!!

10/08/08 10:13 AM #24    

Tracey Sileo (Squibb)

Hi everyone. I am so sorry that I missed the reunion. We just weren't able to make it to PA. It sounds like everyone had such a good time and from the pictures everyone looks so great! I'll definitely have to catch you at the 25th!

10/08/08 12:32 PM #25    

Shannon Fabricatore (Spinoza)

Hey Denise,

I have a great pic of you dancing at Gubbio's on the steps. It's a blackmail pic of course. You were hysterical. It was great to see you.

10/08/08 07:31 PM #26    

Paul Dunda

I have to say I've heard from a bunch of people who were at last weekend's festivities and everyone said they had a blast...and some of them I don't even remember seeing !

Mary had it just right...everyone had such a positive and friendly attitude. The food, music, venues, and the company were all great.

I was inspired by some of Cokie's photos that he posted so I am going to dig up some old pics and post them as well. Those old photos make you wonder why in the world mullets ever went out of style. Again, thanks to Leonard, Dana, Rich and everyone else who pitched in to make our reunion special.

One final question...will the bus be making the rounds this weekend Paris, and if so, where and what time ?

Take care everyone, and keep in touch.


10/09/08 10:48 PM #27    

Joseph Bolick

Dana, best memory.....Lori Keating!!!!! The girl didn't forget a thing!!!!!

03/09/10 12:42 PM #28    

Frank DePietro

Ran into Paul (aka Stanley, Botch, Grapes, Dunerbach) Dunda at Price Chopper the other night. It was so good to see you. I miss our days at Jakes's and Gibble's!!! Talk to you soon Paulie 241-6820.


08/12/13 03:21 PM #29    

Shannon Fabricatore (Spinoza)

Sorry guys, I will be missing you this year at the 25th reunion.  I'm sorry.  I hope to see you all at the 30th.  I will be getting surgery on October 1.  I tried holding off, but they would not let me.  I hope you all have a great time. 

09/06/13 11:01 AM #30    

Mary Errico (Casebolt)


Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the reunion this year. However, the two teachers I would want to be invited have passed. Paul Kelly is the reason that I became a teacher. i was not a fan of history but he really made me interested. I hope to do that for my students. Dunmore has also had a large number of teachers within the Language Arts department who were very influential. I think I speak for many when I say that Alice McNulty will have a fond place in our hearts. She turned me on to drama and helped me to find that part of me that helps me to love and embrace all things theatrical. Much love to them both.

09/16/13 10:03 PM #31    

Dana Iannielli (Zimmer)

 Please sign up for our reunion. I know you're out there. 

10/01/13 10:56 AM #32    

Neal Carlucci

What's going on for Friday anything!!

07/12/14 02:51 PM #33    


Les Martin

Spent a couple days in PA about a year ago after retuning from deployment and making the long trek of moving the family from Maine back to Florida. Ran into Joe Marichak at a red light while walking back to my brother Richards house from the ice cream shop. It was nice to say hi to a familiar face from long ago. I see I missed the 25 year! Where does the time go? Keep me in mind for the 30th as I don't plan on making anymore overseas trips.

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